The Heritage Singers are a Caribbean folk group, consisting of 22 members from Canada and the Caribbean. The group was founded in 1977 by musical director Grace Carter-Henry Lyons. For the past eighteen years the Heritage Singers have promoted and preserved Caribbean folklore through their music.

Our Mandate

  • Contribute to the development of Caribbean and African folk music and theatre
  • Facilitate the growth of Caribbean and African folk culture through workshops and seminars
  • Utilize folk music and dance as a tool to bridge cultural gaps and enhance ethnic and social traditions from all cultures
  • Songs are performed in English, Spanish, French, Patios and Jamaican Creole


  • International Folk Festival - Guyana, Venezuala (2004)
  • International Folk Festival - Zacatecas, Mexico (2001)
  • International Folk Festival - Ribnitz-Damgarten, Germany (2000)
  • International Folk Festival - Taiwan (1998)